Ricardo Bouyett printed for me a still from his film “Amant” and I am excited to have finally received it today. (Not “finally” because I waited a while, but I say “finally” because I finally picked out the right photo that I wanted.) Ricardo is currently working on finalizing his film titled “Lion Heart” That is set to premiere next Friday May 8th, I believe. This new film is part of the reason why i was able to receive this print. I donated $25 to his kickstarter and my reward for the donation was a Print. Simple enough? I feel like I just paid for a print, and still got a great deal. I’m not really one for blogging, so I apologize if this appears to just be a bunch of me rambling, but I’m doing my best.

Bouyett says that his new piece is supposed to be extremely personal and explains a lot about personal experienced, emphasized in this film are his struggles. I am proud of his work and hope you all will have an opportunity to check out his new film coming soon!

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